14-24 April 2016
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Festibérico News Item

Thanks to all who have made possible the 10th edition of Festibérico. The public together with the guests and the organization have created once again the intimate atmosphere that makes this festival so special. We hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you all again in the next edition. [+]

Congratulations Festibérico! The 10th edition of Festibérico comes to an end. Once again we managed together to make this Spanish and Portuguese film festival possible. Above all we managed to keep the intimate atmosphere that makes it so special. So, congratulations everybody! Congratulations to our loyal audience who come to every appointment with curiosity and excitement, congratulations to the wonderful guests coming from Portugal and Spain to share their world and their work with us, congratulations to the sponsors who offer us their support, congratulations to filmhouse Lumen and to the organization of Festibérico who devote their time and effort to this unique event. Congratulations, of course, to Spanish and Portuguese cinema for bringing us closer to other realities in these few days. The intention of Festibérico is still alive, that is portraying the Portuguese and the Spanish culture and showing them in the Netherlands. We hope to continue this labor for a long time, counting on the help from all of you.
We hope you enjoyed the festival. Thank you very much and see you in the next edition of Festibérico! [-]

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Festibérico 2016

Anniversary Edition

The leader of Festibérico 2016. [+]

The leader for Festibérico 2016. In the opening and closing sessions the compilation with all the contributions was screened. [-]